VSE Bali Proudly greeting you with our best solution by providing reliable vehicles needed during your most sought journey in Bali. We are committed to be a trustworthy partner in assisting world-vacationers in organizing whatever purposes your journey to Bali is. For business, pleasure or other special events, we are the specialist in dealing with it. We are car rental provider based in Bali, located so near the Bali’s international airport, offering any kinds of cars for rent which include mini buses, city cars, family vans, jeep, etc. Our main intention is to satisfy you by offering various selections of well-maintained cars. Guarantee for both physical and engine conditions of every car for rent is also provided. This will ensure the safety of the journey you experience with air-conditioned cars and absolute comfort.

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Capacity 4 people 4 people 6 people 4 people 12 people
Self Drive IDR 150.000 IDR 250.000 IDR 260.000 IDR 400.000 IDR –
With Driver IDR 280.000 IDR 380.000 IDR 390.000 IDR 530.000 IDR 850.000

The prices of our Bali car rental service are listed in accordance of the year of the vehicles released. Once you are deciding to choose a car as you desire you have to mention the price required which influences the conditions of the car itself. Please instantly book a car on our site in advance in order to secure your booking. Our daily self-driving prices quoted are including car insurance, service charge, and unlimited access to all around destinations in Bali. We offer all of our best without any advance deposit required, just as simple as ABC, sending us enquiries, fill the form, and we will arrange the car you request base don the details you mention.

What will you get by booking a car on us now? Free pick up right from the airport, free car-delivery to the place you stay as long as it is around Denpasar, Kuta, Legian, Kerobokan, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. You can book through us at anytime of the day as we can be reached for 24 hours. Rent cars with us now as Bali is waiting for your discovery. Whatever you need, we deliver.

As one of the most dependable Bali Car hire specialists, we realize that a success will only be reached once customer satisfaction is achieved. Thus, we want to help you achieve the best moments in driving around the Island of the Gods. The first thing that we would suggest is that you should consider your route prior to the decision over the vehicle that you want to rent. Of course you have at least made a little research about the island’s curiosities that you want to visit. To get easier in determining and recognizing the route in Bali, you better keep the curiosities in your mind and explore Bali more.
Denpasar, as the biggest city on the island has long been becoming a challenging arena for traveler-drivers to drive. The streets here are becoming more and more packed with vehicles. The problem is that curiosities are endless in the city so sightseeing into the depth of the city is a must. Thus you expect the Bali Car Rentals companies that can provide you with a vehicle that is easy to control and navigate through the packed street of Denpasar. This time you will be fulfilled with a small but strong car like Estillo, Suzuki Swift or Karimun. Three of them provide efficiency and simplicity.

The left-handed driver will a little harder and tricky when driving and navigating around city streets on the island. But if you are from right-hand driving, hiring a driver from us may be the best option for you as adjusting yourself with the island’s left-hand driving style can be too tasking. If your route is beach-centered, the driving will be easier and you can take the wheel yourself. Most of the famous beaches in the island, like Kuta and Sanur, are connected through two highways, namely By pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra and By Pass Ngurah Rai. It is just the same streets once you get into the beaches zones, especially Kuta and Legian.

One way for customer satisfaction reached once prices are listed affordably. That is why, prices comes as one of our main priorities to set. All vehicles we offer are rated in affordable prices. Some people are blown away of the list of process offered. The Jimny with the capacity of 4 people, you will be charged in IDR 150.000 self drive. With a driver, you will be charged IDR 230.000. The Estilo for 4 people is charged in IDR 250.000 for self driving. With a driver, you will be charged IDR 330.000. Avanza comes in IDR 260.000 for self driving. This car suffices for 6 people and for a rent with a driver; you will be charged fro IDR 340.000. For more capacity, we recommend you to use Innova with its capacity for 8 people.

Innova is designed for a family to hang around Bali. To rent this car with a driver, the price is listed on IDR 510.000. A big family will work best for a car called ELF. It is adequate for 12 people. Renting this car for self driving will be charged in IDR 500.000, while renting with a driver will be charged in IDR 700.000. Remember, all vehicles are provided in its prime condition and within the latest technology for the engine. As we always provide best cars in high numbers of varieties in all good condition, you do not need to worry about driving cars rent on us.

Our Bali Car hire collections have been known by world vacationers with its service excellence in serving customer with its best quality of vehicles offered. Our dedication and commitment comes from our passion to serve people, especially holiday makers, travelers to explore and get to know more about Bali, the Island of God. It is once we realized that nothing could be more pleasurable and gratifying but exploring a place you have long been dreaming of. Hence, give you the most awe inspiring holiday you have been dreaming of has been things we do since years ago.

Bali travelling will not be a big deal for you, as it all easy. We present you best cars, best vehicles which are flexible to accompany through any kinds of field. When going around Bali becomes your first priority once coming to Bali, but do not know where to rent a car, and then come to us. We have experiences for years to serve holiday makers to give the best journey around Bali. Just list your schedule, where to travel, what to visit, and what to shop and where to stay in a short time. This time you will no more waste any time and money in using the car you rent more and more efficiently.

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