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Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton
Has been long known as the holy forest for Balinese, Alas Kedaton was built on 12 ha of land and lots of monkeys live in this site. In the complex the visitor can find the Monkey Cemetery in the southeast of the temple, but that’s not all you will see, as there is also the big tree that becomes home for hundreds of bats hanging on the tree. Coming along to Alas Kedaton will give you a sight of Balinese history and cultures.


Alas Kedaton which is stated as a “Holy Forest: is a small forest of about 12,00ha where hundreds of monkeys in their natural habits are easily found. It’s one of the areas in Bali where monkeys exist, free and peaceful. There are hundred of monkeys in this forest while high up on big trees many bats area hanging and singing loudly. Originally located in Sangeh Village, the six-hectare forest is populated with giant nutmeg trees of up to 40m in height. A Group of Balinese monkeys that inhabit both the trees and the temple, Pura Bukit Sari, which is located in the heart of the forest, will greet you as you enter the forest. And even some of them even are dare to get close to you.
The monkeys have become well acquainted with human, but still beware of it. Sometimes in their attempts to get food, they will snatch some object in order to get some. Bags, shopping bag or other things of yours may become their targets. Be aware that those monkeys are easily attracted by shiny objects, such as cameras, jewelry, wristwatches or glasses. So you better leave these things behind or keep them hidden. These monkeys are originally very tame and free wandering around in temple yard, so that the calm atmosphere is sometime solved by noise voice of the monkey, which are playing around and scrambling of food. The monkeys dwelling this forest are often jumping up and down in temple wall, taking a bath in moat or hanging out in few leaves representing impression view. Along with monkeys and bats, there are at least 24 types of grove plant have been identified in Alas Kedaton.
Along from monkeys, there is a temple called Alas Kedatton temple that owns the natural environments of green with its fresh air and create the calm, tranquil and holy atmosphere. If Alas Kedaton has become an inhabitant in your lists, make sure that you know that Alas Kedaton is located in Kukuh countryside, Marga Sub district, Tabanan Regency. The journey go to this place can be done easily by using motor vehicle or simple reant a car from VSE Bali and then follow the major roadway from Denpasar to Tabanan. On the way go to this tourist attraction, you will be greetd by beautiful nature view where a large carpet of rice field and water irrigation voice at the side of road to bear the impression atmosphere.

Alas Kedaton Temple have three yard that are external yard, middle and center yard. In the center and middle yard are surrounded by wall, and the outside yard is representing an open yard. The interesting point of this temple is thst thr inside yard representing holy yard, which is situated lower than the middle yard. Another interesting here is that this temple owns four entrances.

You will never miss other impressive moments on this area, such as: Temple Festival at alas Kedaton. The temple ceremony in alas Kedaton temple is carried out every 210 days a year. It is on Anggarakasih Medangsia (Balinese Hindu Calendar) or on every Tuesday where on that time the society do the worship or pray for safety and prosperity. The unique in this ceremony is that people do not use fire, Penjor and also finish before the sunset comes. Alas Kedaton has become a training location about tourism nature, environmental handling and agro tourism. Mostly visited by the tourist from local and foreign countries, Alas Kedaton are generally visited on August, December until January. Local tourists generally visit on holiday season and feast day of Ramadan. Right in front of Alas Kedaton temple, there are quite a lot small shops selling the handicraft as souvenir: clothes, pants and other handicrafts. Also some shops selling food and beverage, toilet and park area are around.

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