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Bali Sightseeing

Being in Bali means you have the most attractive and and unique place to visit in your hand. One thing you should not miss is visiting Balinese most exotic spots as people said. If you are a nature explorer, you better have a list with you with these places lining up. Not to forget to rent a car from our Bali car hire company to celebrate your Bali trip. Below are top list of Bali sightseeing objects that have been selected based on customer feedback and attractiveness:

Alas Kedaton
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Has been long known as the holy forest for Balinese, Alas Kedaton was built on 12 ha of land and lots of monkeys live in this site. In the complex the visitor can find the Monkey Cemetery in the southeast of the temple, but that’s not all you will see, as there is also the big tree that becomes home for hundreds of bats hanging on the tree. Coming along to Alas Kedaton will give you a sight of Balinese history and cultures.

Batu Bulan
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The area in Bali as home for wood and stone carvings is Batubulan. Situated in Gianyar regency, Batubulan is widely popular for its masterpieces including sandstones is many shapes, from Buddha, horse, flowers, welcome statue, dancers, woman, puppet’s figures, and many more. Galleries in Batubulan offer the best products that are affordable and you can meet the artists once you go there

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If you are looking for the center for Balinese art, it is Batuan Village. Located in Ubud, here is the place to admire Balinese dancing performances performed by graceful Balinese dancers. The pieces are stunning and awesome, from excellent wood panel carvings to paintings. The area is cool and pleasant, base for expatriates or tourists who want to get in touch with Balinese true tropical lifestyle.

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Bedugul is very pleasant to visit, whether you come alone or with family. The weather is always cool and cloudy for almost all the time. In Bedugul you can visit many sites such as Lake Batur, Bedugul Botanical Garden, Strawberry Gardens, vegetable fields, and many more. Apart from that, outdoor activities are also enjoyable including mountain climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, or just chilling out in the local restaurants.

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Besakih is known as the Mother Temple of Bali. Located in Karangasem Regency, this biggest temple in Bali is kind of magnet for visitors. Even though the temple is revered and holy, but it can be also visited by tourists. Thousand steps and divided gates should be climbed to reach the highest temple. The mother temple Besakih consists of three main temples, each is dedicated to Trinity Shiva, Brahma, and Wisnu.

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Can be accessed only 11 km from Singaraja Regency, the Gitgit Waterfall is a very unique nature attraction. From the Gitgit Village you should take a walk for about 800 meters. Alongside the road there are lots of clove and coffee plantation. The waterfall is very dazzling and unspoiled, giving anyone fresh are and cool atmosphere to body and mind.

Goa Gajah
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As ancient and respected site, Goa Gajah is worth a visit. Every tour itinerary in Bali always includes Goa Gajah. Goa Gajah is Indonesian for Elephant Cave, built in the 11th of century as a monastery. Even though the name represents the elephants, but in fact there are lots of bats inside of the cave. Two statues welcome you at the entrance and also there is the statue of Ganesha can be found inside the cave.

Kintamani Volcano
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Anyone knows Kintamani, as part of Bangli regency. The main feature of Kintamani is Kintamani Volcano which is located in Panelokan Village, is surrounded by the dazzling panorama of Lake Batur and Mount Batur. The volcano, which has been frequently visited by the people, has diameter of 7 miles and depth of 60 feet. Lunch time in Kintamani can be enjoyed while adoring the scenic view of the lake, mountain, and the volcano.

Kuta Beach
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If someone visits Bali, Kuta Beach is the number one on your must-visit places. The beach is where you will adore the sunset view to die for, when the sun goes into the skyline. Kuta Beach is the spot for learning to surf with the pro. Experience good dining on beachfront eateries, especially on weekends where the music is played loudly. The energetic Kuta is waiting for you.

Lovina Beach
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Lovina Beach belongs to Singaraja Regency, promising the greatest nature attraction, which is dolphin. A large group of dolphins appear by jumping into the air from the sea, making every eye astonished. Lovina beach is also well loved by fishing lovers and visitors can also enjoy the view of fishermen boats called Jukung. While visiting Loving Beach you can also enjoy local restaurants and cafes along the beach.

Mas Village
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Many people from all around the world have recognized Mas Village as the precise site to discover the finest wood carving works. The village performs Balinese style houses adorned with carved wooden pillars produced by seasoned carvers from Mas Village. Greeting the artists is another pleasure when visiting Mas Village. Make sure you buy wood carving for souvenirs.

Nusa Dua
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Nusa Dua offers lots of highlights for foreigners, including good five-star resorts and villas, one of the biggest shopping complexes, cultural performances, kids’ facilities, beautiful beaches, and good surfing spot. What every tourist expects can be found in Nusa Dua, apart from accommodation, best dinning, spas, and the other important tourist facilities.

Tampak Siring
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Tampak Siring or popular as Pura Tirta Empul is situated in Tampak Siring district. The first president of Indonesia, Mr. Soekarno constructed the building at his palace. There are two bathing placed aged 1000 years and over at Pura Tirta Empul that can be used by local people for both religious aims or to purify the body, mind, and spirit. The area is within 1-hour drive from Bali’s international airport.

Tanah Lot Temple
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Within 60 minutes from Bali’s international airport you will reach Tanah Lot Temple. This phenomenal site is the place to see the most beautiful sunset on the island. The scenic surrounding has made The Tanah Lot temple the site to adore, spending the afternoon till the evening. Lots of local’s souvenir stalls offer souvenirs including clothes, bags, paintings, foods, and more.

Trunyan Village
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Bali Aga is a term for genuine and pure Balinese way of life and tradition that is applied by the locals in everyday Balinese living. Trunyan Village is an antique village in Bali, part of Bangli Regency that can be accessed only by public boat. Everything looks so traditional and the local authority keeps the authenticity of tradition in every way possible. The people are warm and friendly, making Trunyan Village one of the preserved areas in Bali.

Ubud Village
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Ubud is a marvelous middle ground between the mountains and the sea. The area is the most fertile in Bali and recognized as the heart of Bali. Anyone will be pampered with lush rice terraces and exotic forest foliage. The culture is rich in Ubud, including the fine arts, dance, and music, giving a pleasant environment for both work and leisure. The local community is helpful and friendly. Visit Ubud is a must.