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Driving Safety Tips


It is undeniably, driving, everywhere in Bali sometimes playa your emotions so hard. A huge patience is required. Keep on controlling your emotions and be patient coz in some cases Balinese ceremonial procession take the whole part of the road, just enjoy our unique cultures. In some areas the road is quite narrow with two directions just control yourself and take this challenging situation as your test to measure your ability and skill in driving. Be very careful while you are driving on Bali road, as people sometimes may not act as wished. Some of them parked their vehicles near the main road or drive dangerously, ignoring the traffic light.

Disobeying regulations, driving so fast, passing the red traffic light are often seen by some drivers, so extra careful is needed if you are driving. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is make sure that you have taken the correct direction coz in some areas especially in the capital city of Bali some areas are taken for one way only in order to minimize traffic jam and accident. On the other hand if you take the wrong direction which may cause a fatal thing then you may get a problem and deal with the policeman. The most important and significant is that you are required to pay more attention to traffic signs. This action will keep you stay safe while driving.

Not only in many big cities in the world, in Bali, some areas got a big matter of traffic. In Denpasar for example, Imam Bonjol Street and Badung Market are two areas where we will face traffics, thus we have to be very careful as many cars just parking, besides many traders walking on the roads.

Rent a car will be the best solution if you do not want to be trapped by traffic jam in Bali. Rent a car from one of trustable Bali car rental is recommended. You are just about to contact VSE Bali, and when the time comes, you will only need to sit in the back of the car and tell our driver where you want to go. We, as one of the most recommendable car rental specialists proudly present you the best cars we have. All cars are listed in affordable prices, and we provide cars up from mini buses up to small cars. Small cars will accommodates for 2 people up to 4 people. A bigger one goes to mini buses that accommodate 8 – 12 people.

Renting a bigger vehicle, mini buses will be the best choice for you and your family id you want to travel along Bali with the whole member of your family. You can choose either if you drive by yourself or hire a driver to guide you to your destination. All of our drivers are English-spoken, friendly and professional in serving customers. With their experience for years handling customers, they are able to serve you well, assisting you heading to the places you want to go. Every car we provide to rent is in its excellent condition. Our Bali car hire service has years experience to serve customer through best cars that are set with the latest technology for the engine.

All cars are especially set to make all drivers drive safely and easily. So if you want to drive by yourself, be calm; cars from VSE Bali are special. One thing you need to consider if you are a self-driver is that you need to obey all rules during in the street. Make sure you recognize traffic signs put along the street. Then during the journey, if you feel a little tired, just stop the car and find a place to have some rest. This will be good to boost up your wellness after the tire of driving. If you drive wearily, there is always a chance for any bad things taken place. Of course everybody does not want to make it happen. Awareness and carefulness are the keys. Get some more strength in the middle of the journey by having small time coffe or some rest.

Both the outlook and the inside condition of all cars we have are perfectly maintained. This will make you drive safely and rent a car from our Bali car rental service at peace. The engine condition is regularly maintained. We are renowned for our service excellence, as our customers’ satisfaction becomes the most important thing in this business. We have the passion and dedication to serve people, giving the best moment in their life during Bali vacation. Our dedication and commitment comes from our passion to serve people, especially holiday makers, travelers to explore and get to know more about Bali, the Island of God. It is once we realized that nothing could be more pleasurable and gratifying but exploring a place you have long been dreaming of. We realize that every person went to Bali because of something has been long dreamed about, and this has been our passion.

Not only a car you will get by renting a car from VSE Bali. We will present you free pick up right from the airport. Just stay in your place, and the car you have requested will be delivered on time at the place you stay. The free pick will be available as long as it is around Denspasar, Kuta, Legian, Kerobokan, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. And the good news is that you can start rent a car from our Bali car hire 24 x 7, we will be available at anytime. We will be available at anytime you need. Whatever you need, we will deliver, and you are just about to have fun. Our Bali car rental business presents you best cars, best vehicles that fits for any kinds of events and occasions you need. Every purpose brought you to Bali, we will serve as good as possible. Whether it is about business purpose, pleasure, special moment or any other occasions, we are readily serving you with joy.

NOTE: Cars from our rental are fueled by gasoline and diesel. Make sure that you have chosen the correct gas by looking for a signboard PREMIUM, BENSIN or PREMIX for gasoline engines, and SOLAR for diesel engines.

Check these commonly used terms:
MESRAN: One of engine oil for car (Not required)
PREMIUM / BENSIN : Standard Gasoline
PREMIX : High Quality Gasoline
SOLAR : for diesel engine