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Can be accessed only 11 km from Singaraja Regency, the Gitgit Waterfall is a very unique nature attraction. From the Gitgit Village you should take a walk for about 800 meters. Alongside the road there are lots of clove and coffee plantation. The waterfall is very dazzling and unspoiled, giving anyone fresh are and cool atmosphere to body and mind.


Going to Bali, is perfectly an experience but to go to Bali and to explore what it has to offer is an absolute must. Whether you decide to go to the Botanical gardens, the safari or even for the more adventurous to go and experience the white water of the mountain rivers one thing is for sure you must go and see, or even better experience the cascading waterfall of Gitgit. Even though Bali has been renowned identically with beaches, temples and culture, you should also recognize what are other attractive things in Bali. Gitgit is one of these exceptional tourist attractions is Bali.
People from all over the world know that there are many places to explore within Bali, but almost every tropical Island has a significant water feature. Gitgit waterfall is perfectly located near Singaraja towards the north of the island. It is a magical feature which makes very wonderful day out experience. The journey to the north is very charming as it drifts into the more inaccessible regions of Bali and away from the tourist spots assembling in the south of the Island.
Making Gitgit as one of your destination on the list will make an unforgettable moment in Bali. And this will make a statement that Bali is not merely about beaches. Stunning waterfall is also identical to Bali. Once you are getting closer to Gitgit, you can see the magnificence of the rushing water as it cascades from the hills above. The water seems like having a power, a force, a cleansing fresh feel and look. It is alluring as it lures you closer. Today, cozy climate will be delivered to you as Bali offers its beauty, and just be ready to take the plunge into the pool at the base of the waterfall.
Being in Gitgit, try to feel how the water hits the rocks, and feel how close you are to the nature. Feel the rush water jumping from the rocks and foliage from the heavens falling down, touching the splashing water. Another face of beauty comes when the sun and water collaborating to give the mist, feel so peaceful and relaxing. Perhaps Gitgit waterfall is not as famous as Niagara waterfall, but being in this tourist attraction will be able to lift up your mood and make the whole day. There are a number of ways in which you can enter the water and join in the festivities waterfall.
Give a try to swim and splashing the cool fresh water. Dive under the fresh and aerated waters as they come off the hills above, feel the beat on your head and shoulders, and experience the tingle within your body as you are heavily massaged with such vigor, bringing vitality to your very soul. All in all, waterfalls are magical in their very existence. People may wonder how the water comes from and where it comes from, and this may become one of the most miraculous moment to remember. Gitgit waterfall will be a perfect retreat during your visiting Bali. As people say that Bali is truly an Island of contrasts and it lives up to every part of its reputation a paradise on earth.
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