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Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach belongs to Singaraja Regency, promising the greatest nature attraction, which is dolphin. A large group of dolphins appear by jumping into the air from the sea, making every eye astonished. Lovina beach is also well loved by fishing lovers and visitors can also enjoy the view of fishermen boats called Jukung. While visiting Loving Beach you can also enjoy local restaurants and cafes along the beach.


Lovina is located in the north part of Bali with its distinct unique character of its own. Lovina, a lightly populated stretch of untouched black sand beach, has become the new destination for tourists. Those who wish to escape from Bali’s busy at south would love to come at the north and feel the joy. Lovina Beach is home to charming hotels, secluded resorts and vacation villas all built on or near the beach. Visitors to north Bali will discover that the region offers a much more rewarding vacation experience than the fun experience package tours found in south Bali. Situated in Bali’s north shore, Lovina worldly renowned for its peace, friendliness, beauty and affordability. Among the things to see like and do in Lovina are dolphin watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches and ancient temples.
The name “Lovina” it self, is a relatively recent development started by a forward thinking government official in the 1950’s. Lovina is essentially the name given to a 10 kilometer-stretch of beach located in the west of Bali’s historic capital Singaraja. This area was once made up of seven tiny fishing villages: Temukus, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Banyualit and Kaliasem, which have combined to form the resort town of Lovina. Kalibukbuk is the most built up area, and can be considered the main center of Lovina.
Unlike the south area of Bali, the beach at Lovina is comprised of black sand. Whereas white-sand beaches are created out of the remnants of corals and dead sea-crustaceans, black sand beaches originate from volcanic lava flows. And the most seen thing is the dolphin. A metaphorical dolphin sculpture in Lovina’s town centre and the plenty of carved dolphin porcelain for sale is a clear indication of the area’s resemblance for dolphins. The calm waters off the Lovina’s coast are home to many dolphins. These friendly mammals love frolicking around passing boats, making dolphin comes as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lovina.
Lovina lies a few kilometres west of the city of Singaraja, the Dutch colonial seat of power in Bali. Always worth a visit for anyone staying in Lovina, Singaraja keeps hold of the look and feel of an Old Dutch colonial city. Singaraja also holds the distinction of being Bali’s most multi ethnic city, with clear European, Arab and Chinese influences – testament to the city’s importance as a major trading center. Lovina is cheaper than the rest of Bali tourist attractions. This should come as welcome news to budget travelers as it allows them to get the typical Bali experience without having to stay in the ever increasingly expensive south. Hotels, meals and the cost of living in general are lower in Lovina.
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