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Mas Village

Mas Village
Many people from all around the world have recognized Mas Village as the precise site to discover the finest wood carving works. The village performs Balinese style houses adorned with carved wooden pillars produced by seasoned carvers from Mas Village. Greeting the artists is another pleasure when visiting Mas Village. Make sure you buy wood carving for souvenirs.


If Bali has been identically with beaches and unique cultures, Bali surprises with varius wood carving in the style of Balinese. Mas Village is a village of art with a focus on carving of wood sculptures. It is situated in Ubud District and Gianyar Regency has a distinctive style in the art carving of wood sculptures that promotes characteristic synergy of humanism and naturalism. The fame of this village as a village of art has been recognized nationally and internationally which cannot be separated from the greatness name of some maestros who born, growth and find their identities and spirit of art in Mas Village like the famous artist, Ida bagus Tilem (deceased) and others.
Indeed, Mas Villagers are not different with other people in the tourist destination village in Bali, where they have undergone a transformation from the agrarian to the craftsmen societies and now continuing to the societies of both trade and the procurement of souvenirs for domestic and foreign tourists. Even though the principle identity of Mas Village is sculpture village, it is now also developing several tourism objects and attractions that have enriched the fascinations of this village. One tourism object and culture attraction with huge potential and importance in the northern of the village is Rudana Museum, one of the monumental museums about Bali’s art especially painting. This museum has many distinctive collections of art.
Mas Village is located in the center of tourist destination and easily acessible from any direction with any vehicles. Right from Denpasar, Mas Village is about 15 km east direction to the Ubud way. The starting point entrance to Mas Village is Sakah junction with big monumental statue of baby positioning in the middle of the road. This baby statue is a symbol and representation of the early life of Balinese in the local Balinese wisdom believes that is close with value, philosophy, religious and dynamism.Based on Bali beliefs, the baby is representing the fertility and the early life stage of human before entering the next life cycle includes Brahmacari (Learning phase), Grehasta (married phase), Wana Prasta ( the phase of maturation and stabilization of life spiritual life aspect) and Sanyasin (the phase of meeting the dead and eternal life in other worlds).
Those who are carving lovers, will love to visit Mas Village as one of the list on the itinerary. Right in the south of this village, there is Batuan Village famous with the traditional painting of Batuan style, in east there is Kemenuh Village famous with the center of wood carving, in west is Lod Tunduh Village famous with painting, in the north is Peliatan Village famous with traditional dances and Kerawitan gamelan. In the northeast of this village, there is Goa Gajah, another Bali’s tourism destination, and famous for its cultures and archeological as a representation of diversity and the feature archeological of Balinese cultures.
Mas Village owns the long history root. The result of wood carving art in this village owns the vast and wide dimension like idol for the devoting (arca idol), representative dimension of everyday Balinese social society life (farmer, fisherman, worker, intellectual, merchant etc), the abstract dimension as existing of actor imagination which is listening carefully of reality, dynamics and life philosophy. The villagers are same as villagers at other tourism countryside in Bali that have also experienced the transformation from agrarian society to the crafting society. Even nowadays, it is continued to service society from commerce service until levying service of the souvenir for overseas and domestic tourist.
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