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Trunyan Village

Trunyan Village
Trunyan Village has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations on the list. Not only because of its beauty of nature, but more because of its unique culture, perfect tradition and the people around there, the Balinese, the Trunyan villagers. If Trunyan village is coming as one on the list to visit, make sure that you know Trunyan village is located on Trunyan village is located on the bank of lake Batur just on the foot of the mount Abang.

Bali Aga is a term for genuine and pure Balinese way of life and tradition that is applied by the locals in everyday Balinese living. Trunyan Village is an antique village in Bali, part of Bangli Regency that can be accessed only by public boat. Everything looks so traditional and the local authority keeps the authenticity of tradition in every way possible. The people are warm and friendly, making Trunyan Village one of the preserved areas in Bali.


It is believed that Trunyan village is one of the oldest villages in Bali and belongs to the first or second migrants into Bali. History wrote that they have a tradition, which is very unique that the dead is not buried or cremated, but it is just put and exposed into the air on a narrow spot on the bank of the lake. To bring the corps from the village to the cemetery, they use canoe.
Their unique tradition is put on their tardition for not burying their dead member. The cemetery itself is divided into three. The first one is for the normal dead, second is for abnormal death such as fall from the wood during harvest, or even certain sickness which is considered very dangerous, and cemetery for the children.
For the normal dead person, the corp is not burried like any normal dead people. Instead of putting it on the narrow spot of land on the foot of hill and just exposed to the atmosphere until the whole flesh dissolve from the body and left only bones. Even though thhis one is really strange of exporting dead body in Trunyan normal cemetery does not release any bad smell. Many stated that it is just because of the water absorb the bad smell or probably the tree that is known as ‘Maja tree’ can absorb the bad smell. This one attracts tourists either domestic or western to come and immortalize the moment.
Once Trunyan village is becoming one of your lists to visit, you need to remember that Truntan village is squeezed tightly between the lake and the outer crater rim of Batur, an almighty volcano in Kintamani. This is a Bali Aga village, inhabited by young of the original Balinese, the people who predate the arrival of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom in the 16th century. This are is also famous for the Pura Pancering Jagat temple, but unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside. Not to forget to take a look at the traditional Bali Aga-style dwellings, and a large banyan tree, which is stated to be more than 1,100 years old.
Start your journey then. Renting a car from a qualified Bali car rental specialist will be one of the best ideas to go round here and there. Just drive directly to the village of Kedisan, located on the bank of Lake Batur in Kintamani. Then you are just about to cross the Lake by small-motorized wooden boat. It takes 45 minutes to arrive on the cemetery, one of the most wanted tourist attractions. Returning from Trunyan village, you can have lunch at one of the good restaurant located on the west brim of the crater. Penglipuran village will be the one you look for. A highland village with a lot of comfort. Here you can still see the traditional architecture of their housing, pattern and the whole blue print of a highland Balinese village.
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