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Ubud Village

Ubud Village
Ubud is a marvelous middle ground between the mountains and the sea. The area is the most fertile in Bali and recognized as the heart of Bali. Anyone will be pampered with lush rice terraces and exotic forest foliage. The culture is rich in Ubud, including the fine arts, dance, and music, giving a pleasant environment for both work and leisure. The local community is helpful and friendly. Visit Ubud is a must.


Ubud village is world-renowned for its ethnic center, where culture is collaborated to its best views and fresh Bali. Ubud village is located on awesome hills and can only be reached in one hour-travel south of Bali. Many said, that Ubud village is a house from the Balinese royal-family.
There is various growing crafting center in Ubud village, let say Penestanan, Camphuan, Batuan, and Palliating that is specialist in crafting and woodcarving. Around the island, these ethnic crafting can be easily found, and if you are lucky enough to get these stuffs in the very affordable prices. All around the village be ready to find antique shops with numerous fancy things on woodcarving, antiques, crafts and other Balinese woodcarving from local artwork but still in international level. Going around Ubud village will not be a big deal if you rent a car from VSE Bali. Going around at ease and you are just about to grab the finest moment to the max.
Sightseeing and tour in Ubud Village is such remarkable and gorgeous. Ubud provides serenity and tranquility in one time, presenting a different beauty in the affection of Ubud’s aesthetic civilization. Besides Balinese crafting, find some exceptional gold and silver smith at some areas. If you are lucky, you will not find any difficulties in finding the most extraordinary work of art. Ubud is still visited by most of backpackers, mystics and all the best fringe elements of international society. And this will make a perfect spot to visit upon your tiring days in Bali. And you will not leave your camera, as you will find attractive moments everywhere unpredictably.
Discovering this area will bring you joy besides full excitement during the holiday in Bali. Reaching the evening, get ready to stand your tripod and put your camera on it, innocent sunset over the skyline over Ubud’s sky will be perfectly unforgettable and a wonderful one with the nature as the surroundings. Visiting Ubud village is a must! You can give a try to go biking around the Ubud area if you want to explore more about the area, besides this will make you healthy. Then go on with walking. Be ready to find wonderful walks in every direction from Ubud, such as: rice terraces, small forest gorges, and grassy hilltops.
Rent a bike will be a good idea, besides you will be able to go around without wasting much money, healthy and you can freely discovers places you feel like. Go grab the Bali map and you are now on your own decision to speed up your bike wherever you want to go. On your way, you will pass away friendly Balinese men, women, children, an immaterial dog or two, perhaps even a cow. A beautiful view and unique things you may never found in your country. Ubud village is where a nature engages the culture. You may open your eyes widely to visualize the beautiful scenes of rice fields, forest, hills and valleys.
It all reflects the spirit of this paradise island and its wonderful people, and all will be accomplished with various appealing spots. Look at the Ubud Monkey Forest, an organic and natural forest maintained well by local people. But remember to always be careful about their naughty action such as grabbing your camera, bag or even bananas, those wild monkeys often do so. These types of playful monkeys offer plenty of enjoyment. In Ubud village, you can visit white water rafting of about 30 minutes from Ubud center. Ubud is definitely a very simple destination to walk around. The main roads tend to be lined along with art shop, restaurants and art galleries. See the art shops and also have an easygoing trip across the area.
Yes, when it comes to Ubud villages, there will be an endless thing to talk about, to visit and to do. You are welcomed to be the one with culture, nature even fancy and wild things like monkeys. But those things will not be a perfect moment for you before you go around, and prove it yourself. Rent a car on one of the best Bali car rentals. Our Bali car hire service offers the best ride to go around this exotic spot in Bali. Lined up in very affordable prices, our cars are rated from the small ones up to the large ones, to provide convenient ride during your trip discovering Ubud village.
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